Technology and International Development

Technology as Amplifier: Technology amplifies human intent and capacity; it doesn't substitute for them. [TEDx Talk] [Panel] [Boston Review article] [Book]
Ten Myths of ICT4D: Persistent myths in ICT and international development. [Blog] [Talk]
HCI and Global Development: Human-computer interaction and global development have a lot to offer each other. [Paper]
What Constitutes Good ICTD Research?: Agreement and disagreement with Jenna Burrell. [Paper]
Research on Rural Telecenters: An investigation into rural telecenters, their impact, and sustainability. Joint work with Renee Kuriyan et al. [Paper] [Website]

Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D)

Digital Slates for Microfinance: Using a digital slate and pen to streamline microcredit bookkeeping. Joint work with Aishwarya Ratan et al. [Paper]
Featherweight Computing: Multimedia experiments with cheap audio electronics and paper. Joint work with Gerry Chu et al. [Paper]
Digital Green: Participatory video and mediated instruction for agriculture extension. Joint work with Rikin Gandhi et al. [Paper] [Website] [NYT Article]
Warana Unwired: Replacing a village PC kiosk system with mobile phones and SMS text-messaging. Joint work with Rajesh Veeraraghavan et al. [Paper] [Website]
Text-Free User Interfaces: Evidence-based guidelines for designing user interfaces for non-literate users. Joint work with Indrani Medhi et al. [Sample Paper] [Indrani Medhi's Website] [MoMA]
MultiPoint: Multiple mice per PC permits multiple children to engage simultaneously with educational software. Joint work with Udai Pawar et al. [Sample Paper] [Talk] [Product Website] [Forbes Article]

Computer Science (Vision, GIS, Multimedia)

WWMX: World-Wide Media eXchange - an early photo/map mashup. Joint work with Ron Logan, Asta Roseway. [Paper] [Product Website] [NYT Article]
Project Lachesis: Computing common destinations and trajectories from GPS tracks. Joint work with Ramaswamy Hariharan et al. [Paper]
Flash/No-Flash: Enhanced digital photography with flash/no-flash image pairs. Joint work with Georg Petschnigg et al. [Paper]
Automated Region Filling: Region filling and object removal by exemplar-based image inpainting. Joint work with Antonio Criminis, Patrick Perez. [Paper]
Tracking with Exemplars: Probabilistic tracking of objects in video through exemplars in a metric space. Joint work with Andrew Blake. [Paper] [Marr Prize]
Wallflower: Different algorithms for background subtraction in video. Joint work with John Krumm et al. [Paper]
Incremental Focus of Attention: Robust vision-based tracking through incremental focus of attention. Joint work with Greg Hager. [Paper] [Video]